Rob MacReynolds has arranged Amazing Grace and The Star Spangled Banner within the framework of a single instrumental selection. The moving hymn, played on cello by virtuoso Wanny Lee, finds colorful measures of support in Rob's impressionistic reharmonization of the beloved anthem on piano. Rob's use of a Yamaha C7 grand piano at Avatar Studios in Manhattan and ethereal organ textures emphasize the beloved melody in subtle and reflective ways. The inspired arrangement comes to a close with the luminous toll of a bell.
Rob has reharmonized O Come, O Come Emmanuel by superimposing the English hymn Lo How a Rose ‘Er Blooming over it on violin. He juxtaposes conjoined material with a flute melody derived from the refrain of All Through The Night.  Holst's In The Bleak Midwinter  sounds through alternating cello lines within intricate layers emergent from MacReynolds’ colorful orchestral textures. All four selections are woven together within one song. 
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Rob has arranged and worshipfully explored beloved hymns of the Christian faith in the context of ten extended solo piano performances.  
Rob's playing will take you through intersections of peace, joy, soulful reflection, and spiritual satisfaction.