On a community developmental note from within the Garden State, Rob directed the musical aspect of a faith-based arts camp for military children. Emedin Rivera of Eileen Ivers' Immigrant Soul, a former United States Air Force mechanic turned pro touring percussionist, led one of the workshops featuring moving Latin American rhythmic influences. Odell Davis, former drummer for the Montel Williams Show and John McEnroe pilot series, also shared his rhythmic musical talents at the installation. Support was graciously granted through a Yamaha instrument dealership through the promotional use of its Clavinova digital piano instrument line. With this asset, Rob developed a Yamaha Clavinova Runway enabling children of all ages to participate utilizing instruments of high quality. A significant high note at the event was provided for courtesy of Phillies Baseball. The Philly Phanatic entered the military installation to cheering children on the top of a military grade Hummer with staged musical support. An amazing core team of Air Force family members set the stage for the success in both indoor and outdoor chapel settings. 

It is noteworthy that Yamaha keyboards made a significant impact at the military installation since they were utilized on a regular basis in a number of special worship settings. This is no surprise to those that know Rob since he was a professional acoustic and digital piano sales representative for approximately seven years at a Yamaha dealer in Central New Jersey.  Rob drew from the depth of his cumulative professional and educational experience as he led the music for special services that took place in military chapel locations as well as in the body of a C-17 globemaster aircraft on Easter Sunday at sunrise. He considers himself blessed to have been asked to play original music in support of former Chief of Chaplains Maj. Gen. Baldwin (ret) at the National Prayer Breakfast at the McGuire Air Force Base. In doing so Rob, through his music, brought honor to veterans and the chaplains that he has served as they were issued commemorative coins for jobs well done.  He also gained strategic insight from an opportunity to musically support Chief of Chaplains Maj. Gen. Dondi Costin (ret) at a chapel service.  The general unpacked theological understanding for listeners utilizing the illustration of a military rucksack as he shared scriptural teaching centered on Ephesians 6:10-18.  His wife Vicky shared an uplifting selection in support of his message as Rob accompanied her on piano.  Rob has served in different traditional and contemporary musical capacities during his professional term as a civilian Music Director and Worship Leader on behalf of Air Force Chaplaincy Services. 

In addition to these endeavors, Rob has consulted, directed, and co-directed music at a number of churches strengthening the musical worship aspects of programs. The majority of his professional experiences have been centered around church, chapel, and the cathedral.  The experiences that he has gained beyond the scope of regular professional expectations he is pleased to attribute in a purposeful way to hard work, divine direction, and the developmental input of outstanding chaplains, pastors, and university administrators.  Rob's professional work at Saint Raphael-Holy Angels Parish in Hamilton, NJ is a reflection of this blessing.  He is fortunate to serve there in multiple capacities.  Rob sees working across theological lines as a God-given freedom that stems from strong American principles.  He directs both adults and children who are called to participate in the ministry of music.  In addition, he views God's work at Georgian Court University in ways that are both missionally engaging and progressive.  
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